Michael Sullivan
(Alias "Santa Claus")

Oh!Sullivan Studio
Seminars in China Painting with Luster
Luster and Luster Supplies
39433 Highway 30
Astoria, Oregon 97103
Phone: (503) 468-0192

I have been actively involved in the art field for many years: I was an art major in college and taught drawing and painting, part time for four years at Ventura College. For 17 years, I owned a gallery and picture framing business. I have been active in several local art associations: Past President of Buena Ventura Art Association and Past President of Ventura County Forum of the Arts, past member board of directors Art-A-Fair Festival in Laguna Beach, California, and past member Whittier Art Association.

I have been china painting since1984 and working with lusters since 1986.  I am available for Seminars on a variety of subjects. You will find information about my seminars further down on this page.

In season, I am a professional Santa.

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Luster Book Cover

My book, "Lusters, Lusters, Lusters - The Art of Luster Painting"
(Everything you wanted to know about Luster Painting but didn't know who to ask),
answers your questions about painting with lusters.

Included in the book are illustrated luster projects for painting two beautiful vases with luster.

Book Price: $18.00
Shipping and Handling: $3.00.
VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card accepted.

Illustrations From the Book:
Individual studies not available

Poinsettia Vase

Poinsettia Vase
Fuchsia Vase

Fuchsia Vase

Seminar information

Fees---$ 300.00 per day

Travel--.45 cents per mile----to and from seminar.

Hospitality--to be arranged

Seminars are generally 3 days long. A three day seminar will cover the basic luster application with grounding technique and second color application plus gold pen work and/or the use of tape for wide gold borders or banding.

A four day seminar will include all of the above with expanded border designs and, where required, techniques such as marbleizing or dispersing agents.

The number of students in a seminar is generally twelve, but I can take as many as fifteen if it is not to crowded and easy for me to get around as I move from student to student. I do not require a station to set at but I do need a place to set up the supplies for sale.

(Seminars are generally 3 days long unless otherwise indicated below)



Wild Life

Bird of Paradise
Gold Fish
Tiger Barb Angel Fish - generally 4 day
Gold Finch
Mountain Bluebird



Dragon flys - craftsman style circa 1930
Silhouette trees - craftsman style circa 1930 - Can be done in luster or china paint or a combination of the two mediums.

from home if possible

  • Whatever lusters and luster brushes you currently have.
  • ACETONE qt. from discount paint store.
  • paper towels.
  • matt acetate.
  • waxless carbon paper or red Seral.
  • tracing stylus.
  • "Q tip" type cotton swabs.
  • 3 small jars for cleaning brushes--baby food type jars--



  • Lusters
  • brushes
  • matt acetate
  • carbon paper
  • felt markers
  • Subject studies

Michael will make suggestions as to porcelain pieces to be used and then group can order item of their choice from the porcelain supplier.


You may call or write me at Oh!Sullivan Studio (above) to arrange for a seminar.

Handi Handle
The Original

Handi Handles - The Original
Only $1.79 each

Handi-Handle in use
Holding ornament for painting

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