Translucent Porcelain Bisque and Supplies
39 Parnell Avenue
Daly City, California 94015
(650) 878-3424
VISA or MasterCard Accepted


Your satisfaction is our priority. We maintain the highest standard in the quality of our bisque. After firing, each translucent piece is polished to a smooth glass like finish ready to paint. If for any reason you are dissatisfied, please contact us for a replacement or refund.


Customizing = Ornaments

Most non-seasonal items may be customized to create hanging ornaments. Items that work well include: birds, snowbabies, bunnybabies, booties, gibson heels, mini standing Santas, bunnies, ducks, cats, and dogs.
CAMEOS: May be ordered as a lapel pin or pendant. Please indicate with or without hole.
(Pin backs available - $ .50 each)

Items listed do not represent all items I offer; i.e... Booties, Shoes, Birds, Animals and Miscellaneous. Please contact me for more information.


Triple coat of high fire clear glaze is available on bisque pieces. Price coding is as follows:
B = Bisque Price   G = Glazed Price
Starred (*) Items are pictured after the listing for the specific category.
Note that, although some items are pictured as painted, the actual item for purchase is white china.

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Booties and Shoes
Snowbabies and Accessories
Roly Poly Shakers/Ornaments
Carousel Animals
Other Ornaments
Embellishing Crystals
Mediums and Oils
Matt Paints
Willoughby's Enamels

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