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Angel Plate

by Annie Miller

All About Chintz

by Anne Steele

Eraser Roses

by Anne Astorino and
Jeannie Dix

Holly Plate

with raised leaf border
by Linda Tiller

Informal Design

by Celeste McCall


by Donna Debling

Lace Draped Dolls

by Marianne Carrara

More on Lace Draping

by Marcene Harvey

Using Small Motifs on
a Large Vase
Luster effects over gold

by Marci Blattenberger

Verses for Clocks

compiled by Celee Evans, Dorothy Trent, Marie Walters and Marjorie

Magnolia and Bird

by Aileen McLeod

Nyon Cornflowers

by Dottie Cosgrove


by Pat Axani-Ellson

"Straw Hat "
A portrait

by Aileen McLeod


by Aileen McLeod

Luster Koi Fish

by Tom Albano

Bird of Paradise

by Aileen McLeod

Reminiscing About the "Old Days" of china painting

by RubyGayle Jackson


by Penny Nangle


by Donna Debling

Tulips and Ribbons

by Beverly Stone

Wild Roses

by Beverly Stone

Haiku Challenge
by the class of 2000

WOCP Art Institute

Monochrome Santa

by Penny Nangle

Lapis Lazuli

by Veronique Rigaud


by Veronique Rigaud

Peony and Butterfly in luster

by Maureen D'Sousa