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Charter Membership in PPIO is now closed. But you may join PPIO as a regular member. Information on joining PPIO is on the Membership page.   Come join us for a fun, warm and educational experience!

Miriam Gateley passed away on October 31, 2003 after suffering a brain stem stroke, shortly after knee surgery.  

Miriam loved china painting and she greatly enjoyed the china paint mailing list.  She became a member of PPIO in July, 1999.   The photo of the painting that Miriam submitted for the Charter Members Gallery remains in this gallery.  You can see Miriams' painting by clicking on the memorial graphic above or by clicking on the word, "Painting" beside her name, on the main Charter Members page.

Kathy Collier

Donna Debling

Bill Standley






Jo Thackery

Pat Vanderlick




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