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This page is a tribute to our Charter Members and the dealers and individuals who sponsored us when we first started PPIO.

The members demonstrated their faith in the future of PPIO by joining during the time when the organization was in the initial stages of development.

The sponsors supported the cost of hosting the Web Site and/or Mailing List for a one month period in our early stages of development.  We greatly appreciate their help and hope that you will support these sponsors.

Alphabetical Listing of Charter Members



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Charter Members Gallery Last Updated: April 17, 2010.

NOTE: Members may have moved or changed their email address since their graphic frame was placed on this page. Although we will attempt to update new information for the members on these pages, as it is known to us, since the information on each member's picture frame is part of a computer graphic file, it is necessary to edit the picture file in order to change the information. This takes more time than just adding the member's new information to these pages. For that reason, these pages may not have the most recent address information for some members. Viewers are advised not to rely on the information on these pages as a means of contacting the member.

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In order to avoid a delay in the loading of this page, the Charter Members page is broken into several separate display pages. We eventually hope to have a graphic "frame" for all Charter Members. Where a graphic has not been created for a Charger Member yet, only their name (not linked) will be displayed on this page. If you click on a member's name in the alphabetical listing which has been linked, it will automatically take you to the page where the graphical (frame) representation of their membership is located. At the bottom of each Charter Members' page (including this Main page), there are links to each of the pages. If you click on a link for a page you are already viewing, it will just reload that page.

If a painting is available for a particular member, there will be an asterisk (*) beside their name in the alphabetical list.  And, beside the asterisk, the word "Painting" is a direct link to display the member's painting.   If you want to see the painting, click on this link.   If you want to go to the page where the member's graphic recognition is displayed (if available), then click on that member's name in the list.   You can also view the member's painting by clicking on the graphic recognition.   As more paintings are received from members, they will be added to the display. Member graphics will be added on a regular basis

NEW:  If a member has a studio listing on the Studios Page of this site, you can Click on the "S" beside their name to go to the area (State) on the Studios Page where their studio is listed. If they have a Catalog page or a Web Page on the Porcelain Painters International Online (PPIO) site, you can Click on the "C" (for Catalog) or "W" (for Web Page) to go to their Catalog page or Web site. For those who have separate web sites, these are usually listed with their studio listing on the Studios page or on our Other Web Links page.

Charter Membership in PPIO is now closed. But you may join PPIO as a regular member. Information on joining PPIO is on the Membership page.   Come join us for a fun, warm and educational experience!

If you have a studio which is not listed on the Studios page of this site, and would like to have it listed, contact Marci Blattenberger, at marci@ppio.com, with the information you would like displayed for your studio.

If the link to your studio, catalog or web page, which is on this site, has inadvertently been left off this page, please let Marci know at the above email address, so this can be corrected.

Tragically, several of our Charter Members have passed away in the last few years:  Ann Elliott in December, 2000;  Our beloved "Answer Man"*, Jesse Brown, in June, 2002;  Patricia Whitchurch in September, 2002;  Miriam Gateley in October, 2003,  Dorothy Trent, Carolyn Fink and Larae "GrandmaRae" Miller in 2004.  Their names have been left on the Charter Members list and a Memorial Graphic is displayed for each, in their memory, in the Charter Members Gallery.   Each memorial can be displayed by clicking on the individual name of each member, on the Charter Membership list, below.   The photos of the paintings submitted for the Charter Members Gallery by Ann Elliott, Miriam Gateley, Carolyn Fink and Dorothy Trent remain in the gallery.   Their painting is displayed when the word "Painting", beside their name, is clicked.   Jesse Brown, Patricia Whitchurch and Larae Miller did not submit a painting for the gallery.

*We will soon have a special page for Jesse on this PPIO web site, displaying the comments he sent to the PPIO mailing list as the "Answer Man". The page will also contain other content pertaining to Jesse.

Ackilli, Doris S
Adalian, Althea
Albano, Tom - Page 11 * Painting
Albrecht, Frank * Painting
Alexander, Patsy * Painting
Allen, Doris - Page 4
Alvord, Judy
Anderson, Marilyn Lyn - Page 10 * Painting S
Andrews, Dixie
Antonelli, Sally - Page 15 * Painting
Apfelbaum, Helen
Apte, Linda * Painting W S
Armstrong, Vera
Arndt, Ruth
Astorino, Anne
Baker, Marlene - Page 4 * Painting
Ball, Ann * Painting
Bankston, Hilda S
Barone, Madeline
Barra, Arlene
Barrows, Alberta
Bartel, Cecelia
Barton, Virginia "Ginny" - Page 10  * Painting
Bean, Linda
Beebe, Jean - Main Page * Painting  S   C
Begin, Marian * Painting
Bekisoglu, Emel
Bell, Nawona
Benson, Merlyn
Bergren, Eleanor
Bernard, Paula
Bethel, Beth Anne * Painting
Beyer, Sarah Margaret
Bianco, Donna
Biddy, Betty
Bingaman, Norma Jean
Binstead, Betty Anne * Painting
Blackstone, Peggy
Blaize, Linda - Page 16
Blankenship, Mary * Painting
Blattenberger, Marci - Main Page * Painting   C
Block, Joyce
Boesch, Shirley * Painting
Bokmeyer, Anna - Main Page * Painting  S
Bolton, Myra - Page 2 * Painting
Boone, Francesca - Page 6 * Painting  S
Borgerd, Gail
Bowen, Jane - Page 10 W 
Bowen, Selmah
Box, Gail
Bradshaw, Cherene
Bremer, Ann - Page 13  
Bretthauer, Becki
Brodsky, Maureen - Page 15 * Painting  S
Bronstein, Marie Laure
Brookman, Juanita * Painting S
Brown, Ann
Brown, Freddie
Brown, Jesse (Deceased) - Page 6  
Brown, Margaret
Brush, Mary Ann
Bryan, Karen
Buck, Kay - Page 9 * Painting
Burge, Marion - Page 2  
Burt, Patricia * Painting
Butori, Evelyn
Buynitzky, Sue - Page 7 * Painting
Byersdorf, Josephine
Bylund, Gisela Ingrid - Page 14 * Painting S
Calaba, Tana - Page 2 * Painting  S
Calhoun, Winnell
Callaway, Dorothy - Page 4 * Painting
Campbell, Bettye * Painting
Campbell, Carol
Campini, Heidi - Page 13 * Painting
Carlson, Kathleen
Carstensen, Connie * Painting
Casey, Carin
Chambers, Ruby C
Chapman, Kare - Page 13 * Painting
Christa, Sharon
Churchwell, Wray 
Clark, Charlynn
Clark, Maggie - Page 7
Clark, Charlynn 
Clements, Barbara
Cline, Ann - Page 8 * Painting  S
Clulow, Molly * Painting
Coates, Pauline - Page 7 * Painting  S
Collier, Kathy - Page 18  
Colvin, Adrienne * Painting
Cook, Ann
Cook, Betty - Main Page * Painting
Cook, Connie - Page 2 * Painting
Cook, Marie - Page 9  
Cooper, Jill
Correll, Jean
Cosgrove, Dottie - Page 17 * Painting
Coventry, Judy - Page 8 * Painting
Cox, Katherina - Main Page * Painting    S   C
Cramer, Wilmadeen
Crandall, Bonnie - Page 7  
Crane, Beverly
Cummings, Frankie - Page 17  
Currie, Joanne - Page 10 * Painting
Curry, Shelba - Page 14 * Painting
Davis, Brook * Painting
Day, Gloria J.
de Roizner, Nilda
Debling, Donna - Page 18 * Painting
Decker, Corliss - Page 12
Del Castillo, Monica * Painting
DeMartini, Diane Page 2 * Painting  S
Deruchie, Shirley
DeSmet, Janet * Painting
Dewey, Joan
Dewyea, Reba - Page 17  
Dix, Jeanne - Page 4 * Painting
Doshi, Bhanu
Dotson, Shirley * Painting S
Dowell, Barbara - Page 16  
Downs, Barbara
Doxtad, Lynn - Page 4  
D'Souza, Maureen * Painting
Dudenhefer, Deborah
Dumas, Byrnie - Page 10 * Painting
Dunn, Joyce - Page 4 * Painting
Echols, Nancy
Edwards, Eulalia
Elder, Sandy
Elliott, Ann (deceased) - Page 10 * Painting
Elliott, Emily
Elliott, Susan
Enz, Nona - Page 12  
Escobar, Maria - Page 12 * Painting
Ewing, Mary - Page 5 * Painting
Farlow, Lila * Painting
Feeback, Kathy - Page 14 * Painting
Fehl, Jean * Painting
Fenelli, Mary
Fincher, Cindy
Fink, Carolyn (Deceased) - Page 15 * Painting
Fisher, Joyce
Flom, Edwina - Page 18  
Flury, Edie - Page 11  
Forsythe, Linda
Frandle, Joan- Page 13 * Painting
Frey, Nancy
Frogh, Jacquie - Page 5  
Galyan-Hanks, Bonita
Gardenier, Inger L.
Garrett, Glenda
Gateley, Miriam (deceased) - Page 18 * Painting
Gaterman, Florence - Page 5  
Gazendam, Amanda
Geisler, Anne
Gerstner, Betty - Main Page * Painting
Gibbon-Homayoun, Eirwen - Page 17 * Painting
Giesseman, Darcy
Gilbert, Brenda
Glancy, Karen * Painting
Gniady, Kathleen
Golanda, Glenda
Goodman, Yvonne
Graham, Janette - Page 14 * Painting
Graham, Lisa
Grant, Esma
Gray, Paige - Page 9 * Painting
Greathouse, Susan
Greer, Ann - Page 9
Grice, Linda
Griffith, Karen
Griffiths, Colette - Page 9 * Painting
Grubbs, Rebecca
Gudmundsson, Hemmi - Page 12  
Guinn, Jada Marie * Painting
Guttridge, Marilee * Painting
Haddigan, Mary
Hall, Toni
Hammett, Sue - Page 15  
Hammitt, June - Page 14  
Hamor, Ann
Hand, Vicky
Handy, Christine
Hansen, Shirley * Painting
Hansen, Syra - Page 3 S  W
Hanson, Nancy
Harmon, Sandra - Page 16 * Painting  S
Harris, Lucy
Harrison, Vinita - Page 8 * Painting
Harrup, Peggy
Harry, Gayle - Page 9  
Hartley, Judie
Hartshorn, Linda
Haspl, Sandra * Painting
Hay, Laurel
Hayden, Janice
Henry, Gordon * Painting
Heroman, Fay
Hertzberg, Susan - Page 11  
Hesser, Carolyn * Painting
Hight, Cheryl - Page 7 * Painting
Hillman, Julia - Page 7 * Painting  S
Hines, Suzanne
Hinson, Virginia - Page 6
Hobbs, Nell 
Hoefling, Sherry
Hoeting, Janet - Page 17  
Holder, Lillian - Page 16  
Honea, Mildred - Page 11  
Honus, Martha
Hubbard, Carol - Page 16 * Painting
Hugar, Harry - Page 17 * Painting
Inman, Linda
Ishrati, Najma
Jackson, Katie * Painting
Jackson, Ruby Gayle - Page 2 * Painting  
Jacobs, Camela * Painting
Jakscht, Carol
Janzen, Linda - Page 10  
Jaussaud, Judy - Page 2  
Jell, Norma
Johnson, Amelia
Johnson, Dolores - Page 3  
Johnson, Doris
Jones, Shay Tompkins
Jordan, Ruth - Main Page * Painting
Julian, Leona - Page 3 * Painting
Kantowski, Anita - Page 9 * Painting
Kay, Freddi - Page 9    S
Kidder, Enna - Page 13 * Painting
Keane, Pat
Kidder, Enna
Kloda, Susan
Knapp, Kay
Knudtsen, Mary
Koch, Paula
Korros, Carol
Kozlak, Jane
Kresch, Jackie - Page 3
Krilovich, Phyllis * Painting 
Kurtz, Donna * Painting
Laeder, Gayle - Page 6 * Painting  S
Lake, Margery
Landgren, Luellen * Painting
Lane, Linda
Laure, Elizabeth
LaVergne, Paula * Painting S
Lawrence, Harriet
Lawrence, Victoria
LeBlanc, Helen- Page 12
Lee, Sibyl
Leger, Connie
Leins, Elva- Page 6 * Painting
Lemkemann, Teresa - Page 16 * Painting  S
Lijdsman, Tiely
Lipscomb, Linda - Page 3 * Painting
LLanos, Maria Cristina * Painting
Logbeck, Sharon
Longnecker, Pam * Painting
Lopez, Karen- Page 9  
Lovejoy, Peggy * Painting
Luciano, Barbara
Lynn, Jennifer
Lyon, Zula * Painting
Madaris, Marjorie * Painting
MacCorkill, Nancy S
Maclaren, Lorna * Painting
Magazine, Carmen

Magley, Tami
Malaspino, Jan
Mankins, Sharon
Manley, Della
Mantooth, Nancy
Marcotte, Mary
Mardon, Ailene * Painting
Marks, Carol * Painting
Marquess, Frances - Page 16
Marquis, Alana - Page 17 * Painting
Marsalis, Becky - Page 15
Marsch, Martha
Marshburn, Pat - Page 15
Masat, Robin L.
Masiques, Emelia
Mask, Carolyn
Matal, Doris - Page 3 * Painting
Mateer, Helen
Matthew, Claudia - Page 15
Mayfield, Barbara * Painting S
Mayfield, Debra - Page 11  
McAfee, Margaret
McCarthy, Gloria - Page 7    S
McClelland, Wylma * Painting
McCombie, Donna - Page 2 * Painting
McCool, Kim - Page 3 * Painting W
McDivitt, Shelley - Page 16
McGovern, Kathleen - Page 11  
McGuire-Mathley, Johnella - Main Page * Painting
McNew, Janet
McWilton, Margaret * Painting
Meefuangsatr, Rudklao
Meehan, Michelle M.
Mekshes, Linda - Page 16 * Painting
Mellon, Beverly
Mendoza, Marcela - Page 7 * Painting
Metzke, Marilyn
Miesner, Pat
Miesner, Sara * Painting
Millar, Anne * Painting
Miller, Ann * Painting
Miller, LaRae, (Deceased) - Page 16
Milman, Anita
Minor, Judy
Mirchandani, Anjali
Mittelstadt, Marilyn - Page 16 * Painting
Moore, Dianne * Painting
Moore, Rita * Painting
Morabito, Kay
Moreau, Doris - Page 3 * Painting
Moser, Rosemarie - Page 17  
Moss, Cidinha - Page 10  
Nangle, Penny - Page 8 * Painting  S
Nazworth, Suzanne - Page 5  
Nelson, Jan
Nemeth, Molly - Page 2  
Newberry, Ruth
Nickerson, Pearl * Painting S C
Noble, Catherine
Norgaard, Viann - Page 14  
Normandale, Lilian - Page 5 * Painting
Norton, Debbie
Nugent, Jane
Oaks, Dorothy * Painting
Ogden, Ginny
Oh, Rosemary * Painting
Oldani, Ellen * Painting
Oliver, Patsy - Page 13 * Painting
Olszewska, Hanna * Painting
Pace, Jo Ann - Page 8 * Painting   C
Page, Carolyn
Page, Susan - Page 13  
Parker, Helen
Parker, Johanna
Parker, Sue - Page 15
Patterson, Gene - Page 2 * Painting
Patton, Jackie - Page 13 * Painting
Peacock, Leslie * Painting  S
Pedersen, Keld H. - Page 12  
Pence, Jim * Painting
Percifield, Gwen - Page 14 * Painting
Pesqueira, Corann M.
Peters, Marian * Painting
Petersen, Helen - Page 14 * Painting
Peterson, Kathy S
Petzold, Norma - Page 14  
Phillips, Jo Ann
Phillips, Phyllis - Page 13 * Painting
Picard, Linda - Page 15 * Painting
Pinder, Darlene
Piriano, Evelyn * Painting
Plejdrup, Sherrie
Plunk, Gail - Page 8    S
Pollard, Betty - Page 5 * Painting  S
Poole, Vivian - Page 8  
Porter, Anne
Powers, Mary Beth
Prange, Elizabeth "Peachie" - Page 3 * Painting
Press, Rebecca - Page 14  
Preston, Marilyn * Painting
Pretzer, Hazel - Page 6  W
Pulaski, Judi - Page 12 * Painting
Purfield, Donna
Rader, Verda
Radmaker, Rosemarie * Painting
Rado, Margarette * Painting
Raines, Kathi
Ramsey-Snow, Barbara - Page 8  
Rapsard, Cora Jean - Page 11  
Rautio-Steiner, Carmen - Page 15  
Reaves, Marsha - Page 5 * Painting
Reina, Anna - Page 10 * Painting
Reistle, J. - Page 5 * Painting
Renshaw, Kaye - Page 2  
Rhodes, Nancy
Rice, Shirley
Riggs, Irene - Page 3 * Painting
Riggs, Patricia- Page 12
Ripple, Susan
Robertson, Irene
Robinson, Mary Louise * Painting
Robkin, Anne Lou
Roderick, Beatrice - Page 13  
Rodriguez, Ann
Rogan, Faye
Rogers, Lillian "Marilyn" - Page 8  
Rolsing, Evelyn * Painting
Rose, Kathleen * Painting
Roth, Jennie Lind
Rude, Sheryl
Rychen, Marjorie
Saiani, Betty - Page 6    S   C
Sammarco, Helen
Sams, Carole - Page 4  
Sandberg, Joyce * Painting
Sanders, Doris Jean - Page 15  
Saville, Madonna - Page 4 * Painting
Schafer, Susan
Schimmelman, Kathy
Schmitt, Wm. Allen
Schofer, Marlene
Schuh, Ingrid - Page 7 * Painting
Schwarz, Helen
Scoble, Nancy S * Painting
Scott, Betty
Scovil, Tom S
Seevers, Marlene * Painting S
Seivert, Rose - Page 5 * Painting  S   C   W
Setyo, Meylinda - Page 13  
Sexton, Murnah
Seybold, Elizabeth - Page 6 * Painting
Shaddy, Joan - Page 8 * Painting
Shepherd, Marguerite - Page 6 * Painting
Shilling, Stella - Page 5 * Painting
Shuholm, Betty
Shute, Celia - Page 7  
Sibigtroth, Pat * Painting
Siglin, Leona * Painting
Silvia, Charlotte
Simeral, Andre'a - Page 16 * Painting
Simmons, Sheila
Sittler, Vera - Page 11  
Skiles, Elinor - Page 7 * Painting  S
Smibert, Dorothy
Smith, Barbara - Page 16 * Painting
Smith, Dolores K. * Painting
Smith, Gayl
Smith, Jo Linda - Page 13 * Painting
Snyder, Lyn Millette * Painting
Snyder, Madge
Songer, Lorene - Page 11 * Painting
Sowders, Jeannette - Page 10 * Painting
Speas, Joyce
Stahl, Sharlene - Page 9 * Painting
Staker, Shari
Stamey, Patty
Standley, Bill - Page 18 * Painting
Stark, Murlene
Steele, Ann
Stein, Connie - Main Page * Painting  S
Stephens, Bertie - Page 4 * Painting
Stockwell, Ruby
Stone, Beverly - Page 12 * Painting
Stoppelmann, Hulda - Page 6 * Painting  S   C
Stovall, Eva
Stradiotti, Anne * Painting
Straughn, Denise - Page 9  
Streit, Gwen - Page 12  
Sullivan, Corliss A.
Sullivan, Joan B.
Sullivan, Michael S W
Sundberg, Judy - Page 9  
Talley, Edythe - Page 15 * Painting
Taylor, Stephanie - Page 12  
Teyber, Betty
Thackery, Jo - Page 17  
Thatcher, Jean - Main Page * Painting
Thompson, Suzie * Painting S
Thomson, Sylvia - Page 11 * Painting
Threatt, Betty * Painting
Thumm, Susan *Painting
Tidd, Beverly - Page 12 * Painting
Tiller, Linda *Painting
Titus, Evelyn * Painting
Todd, Janice L. - Main Page * Painting
Tomczuk, Bea
Townsend, Anne
Traylor, Joan
Treadwell, Lorraine * Painting
Trent, Dorothy (Deceased) - Page 17 * Painting
Turner, Betty - Page 4
Turner, Dortha
Turner, Kathryn 
Ulrich, Helen - Page 2  
Utter, Carol Ann
Van der Vliet, Mieke - Page 6 * Painting
Van Doran, Alice
Van Waardenburg, Denice - Page 6 * Painting
Vanderlick, Pat - Page 18
Vark, Evelyn
Vaughan, Holly
Venters, Lynn M.
Violi, Suzy
Vrana, Barbara-Kay
Vredenburg, Marty - Page 7 S 
Walter, June - Page 3  
Walter, Regina
Ward, Betty
Warren, Bonnie - Page 14 * Painting
Waters, Jacqueline
Watson, Mary
Weaver, Mary A.
Webb, Dana
Webb, Judith - Page 14
Weber, Mary Lou
Weismann, LaVauna S
Weismann, Jerome S
West, Vivian
Weston, Shirley
Whary, Mary - Page 4 * Painting
Wheeler, Joann - Page 11  
Whitchurch, Patricia (deceased) - Page 4  
White, Paula - Page 10  S
White, Tom - Page 17  
Whitehead, Eva - Page 3 * Painting
Williamson, Carolene - Page 5 * Painting
Williamson, Marilyn * Painting
Wilson, Bette - Page 8  
Wilson, Colleen
Winterringer, Mary
Wipulakorn, Dutsadi
Witbeck, Deb - Page 11  
Withers, Velma
Wofford, Alice - Page 8 * Painting S
Wood, Margaret - Page 15  
Workman, Iona - Page 17 * Painting
Workman, Mary * Painting  S
Wyckoff, Susan - Main Page  
Yacub, Jane - Page 5 * Painting
Yates, Dottie
Yglesias, Graciela
York, Vicky - Page 17 * Painting S
Young, Dorothy - Page 17  S
Zimmermann, Anita - Page 10
Zitterkopf, Ann S

Marci Blattenberger - Painting (Allie) Betty Gerstner Johnella (Johnny) McGuire-Mathley
Katherina (Kathy) Cox (Limoges! Shapes) Betty Cook


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Sponsors During the First Year of PPIO (1998-1999)

When we founded the PPIO organization and web site, the generous dealers and individuals listed below each donated the cost of hosting the Web Site and/or Mailing List for a one month period.  This helped us in the early stages of development. We greatly appreciate their help and hope that you will support these sponsors.

Bisque Barn
Betty Saiani

Freddi's China Closet
Freddi Kay

Jean Beebe Originals
Jean Beebe

Limoges Shapes!
Kathy Cox

Kathy Peterson's "the good stuff"
Jeanne Dix
Porcelain Artist
Stump Farm Porcelain
Michael and Tana Calaba

Connie Stein
Certified I.P.A.T. Artist and Instructor
castein@flinet.com or castein@juno.com

Ann Cline Studio


Hermundur Gudmundsson (Hemmi)
HPS Mfg. (Hemmi Porcelain Studio)



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