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  Welcome to the Antiquities Gallery.   Inside these walls, you will find many exquisite old pieces, some painted by the great Masters of the art, some by hobbyists who just loved China Painting....

On May 16, 1999, several new photos of Leykauf and Pickard pieces have been added to the Antiquities Gallery, as well as information about china painting in our recent past. These were provided by Mary Ewing and Shirley Hansen. We have also added to the gallery the text of a news article featuring Mary Ewing and her chi

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na painting.

We present these pieces here for you to study and enjoy, thanks to the generosity of the people who own them. If any of you have access to some wonderful old pieces and would allow us to display them in the gallery, please contact us.

If any of you have more information about any of the unknown pieces presented here and/or the artists, please let us know.


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