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This page last updated: February 3, 2010

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Porcelain China Links
Below are links to web sites related to our china painting or porcelain art.  The links are grouped by the type of web site. Each site is different and interesting in its own way.   Most feature displays of some really great china painting artwork and many have china, equipment and other painting supplies that china painters are always interested in. And, we recently added a new section, "Directories", which currently contains links to two web sites which provide numerous links to other china painting or ceramic sites.

If you are looking for a particular type of web site, the listing of web site sections is listed below. To "jump" to a section, click on the section title. Or, alternatively, you may just scroll down the page through all the sections.

The links are now displayed in alphabetical order within each section.

Personal Web Sites and Studios
China Supplies, Equipment, Books and Seminars

Kiln Companies
Related Web Sites
Other Reciprocal Links
Personal Web Sites and Studios
This is the web site of Anaheeta Mehta and Urmila Jain, two friends with a passion for porcelain painting. They founded AARMANART January, 2002, in Mumbai, India. The site features hand painted Contemporary, traditional, abstract and realistic designs, created for dinnerware, table service ware, home décor china and artifacts for personal and corporate gifts.
Adele Powell Holt
Porcelain artist and teacher, Adele Powell Holt, offers her porcelain paintings and complete supply list for sale from her online Studio. If you are a china painter, be sure to contact Adele for a seminar with your club or china painting group.
Aeducan hand painted ceramics
Jill Egan's web site. Jill likes to experiment using different media but overglaze painting or china painting, as it's more commonly known, and watercolour are her favourites; more recently she has started experimenting with kiln formed glass such as dichroic glass jewellery. Information about the Centigrade show is on this web site.
Alora's Handpainted Tile Murals
Alora Hofferber died on January 7, 2009, but her family has retained her web site online as a memorial Aloras specialised in in wildlife, painting exclusively on tiles. All of her hand painted ceramic tile paintings are original works of art
Amaranth Fine Arts
This is Stephanie Laufenburger's web site. Her Painted Porcelain, including Sinks, Glass Lamps, Tiles and Murals, is displayed here.
Porcelain Painting with Amy
This is Amy Chan's web site. In mid-year 2000, Amy was invited by the Hong Kong TVB, one of the local broadcast channels in Hong Kong, to introduce and demonstrate Porcelain Painting in one of their educational programs. Amy has been teaching since March 2000 and has information about and photos of her porcelain pieces, her classes, and some of the exhibitions she has participated in, on her web site.
Andrew Orr
Andrew's web site features information about Andrew, his schedule, studies, as well as pictures of his beautiful oil paintings, watercolors and painting on porcelain. There is also a page about his planned conversion of a recently purchased 1860's New England home into Bentley Avenue Fine Art gallery and studio.

Angela Mamontova
"Convallaria " the web siteof the artist from Petersburg, Angela Mamontova. The site displays her exquisite painted porcelain plates, eggs and boxes.

Ann Ruth Photography
Web site of Ann Gordon Ruth, offers Fine Art & Product Photography, Photographic References for Artists. Full color inkjet photo botanical reference studies printed on Kodak Premium Picture Paper.
Art on Tiles
This is Lucia Fort's Studio web site. It features examples of the hand painted ceramic tiles, sinks and custom murals which she offers for kitchen and bath remodeling and interior design.
This is Fernanda´s Web site of design and painting over porcelain pieces. Fernanda is a porcelain painter from Argentina. Although most of the site is in Spanish, you´ll find beautiful designs, quality art and deco for sale.
Artworks by Julia
Julia Sweda is primarily a ceramic tile artist but is also an accomplished porcelain/china painter. She specializes in custom hand painted tiles, decorative kitchen tile backsplashes, tile murals, and decorative art tiles. Her web site features pictures of her ceramic tile and porcelain art work. You will also find pictures demonstrating her skill in glass painting and Fine Art on her web site.
Atelier de Bercy
This is the web site of Sol Labos Brien, who now lives in Canada. Her studio, Atelier de Bercy, specializes in painting exclusive designs on Limoges porcelain. Her subjects include exotic birds, bouquets, 18th century scenes and landscapes on Limoges blanks.
Azadi Ceramic Plates and Cards
Web site of Bagher (Bob) Azadi featuring custom ceramic plate designs and offering photographs of the original ceramic plates on postcards.

Betty Gerstner's China Painting Information on the Web
Betty's original website, began in January, 1997, has now been moved to this domain location at (as of March, 2006).  The site is the same as it was when hosted at the web site. It still features paintings by Betty and well as those of other china painters and many other interesting pages concerning china painting.

Betty's Porcelain Art Store
This is Betty Threatt's web site. It features Betty's Hand Made Bisque and Painted Porcelain

Beverly Crane
Beverly's web site displays her artwork. She has a page featuring over 40 pieces done in silver clay. The web site also has information about her seminars.

Beverly Stone
This is Beverly's personal web site. Beverly's web site has a gallery of her art, a step-by-step painting of tulips and a special page in honor of Ruth Jordan with information about the special project of the Pacific NorthWest China Painters Guild to paint beverage mugs, cups and saucers then donate to breast cancer centers within WA state.
Blaize Studio
This is Linda Blaize's web site - Porcelain Art, China Painting and Dolls. A very nice, cleanly designed web site, featuring information and pictures about the projects Linda has worked on as well as her current projects. Linda displays some of the cut-out eggs she has done and the pages also contain some cute animation.
The Blue Heron Studio
Carla Eakins-Khouri's web site for The Blue Heron Studio and Retreat in Tennessee. The website features painted porcelain, country decor, French & Swiss sewing supplies, vintage & new linens and information about the classes and seminars available through the Blue Heron Studio and Retreat..
BonBon Gallery
This gallery is owned by Bonny A. Eberly, a PPIO member. Porcelain artists, porcelain art, watercolor paintings, acrylic paintings, and oil paintings are all featured in The BonBon Gallery. The BonBon Gallery is an online art gallery offering artists a space on the internet to display and sell their artwork and art supplies. Each studio within the gallery is operated independently of each other and independent of the gallery.
Bordeaux Gallery
This is Gloria Bordeaux Knapp's web site. It has a little bit of everything, including displays of Gloria's painted porcelain, her oil paintings and scenes of Louisiana.
Callaway Art
This is Dorothy Callaway's web site. The web site displays Dorothy's beautiful Acrylic and Porcelain paintings. It also has information concerning classes and seminars.
Carolene's Studio
This is Carolene Williamson's website. The site has photos of Carolene's paintings and links to other porcelain sites
Celee Evans Porcelain
Celee's web site offers the visitor the capabiltiy of purchasing her paints, studies, brushes, videos & books online. The site will soon offer more of Celee's painting products, schedules of her seminars, monthly specials and custom and commission pieces.
Celeste McCall Cst
Celeste's web site displays many of her beautiful china painted pieces. Her prints and study patterns are available for sale from her web site and, in season, she has Christmas prints and study patterns. She has recently added a Message Board for Artists and Teachers.
Charlene Whitler
Porcelain artist and teacher, Charlene Ferrell Whitler, offers her porcelain paintings and complete catalog of supplies and studies for sale from her online Studio.
Clarin Acres Studio
This is the web site of Maryann Clarin. It features a gallery of her painted porcelain, for sale items, seminar information and links to other related sights.
Colette's Porcelain Art
This is Colette Inderhee's web site. The web site has many photos of Colette's painted pieces.
Custom Art Tile
Offering custom designed, hand painted tile designs, sinks and other porcelain. They have over 22 years of experience in the art of china painting.

Daisy J. Muff Hand Painted China
Daisy's web site has information about contacting her for seminars, schedule of her china painting school engagements and a display of her hand painted china.

Denice van Waardenburg
Denice's web site takes you on a "Safari" through all of her wonderful wildlife paintings.
Digical Ceramic
With a patented process, high-resolution digital images are permanently fired directly into ceramic or porcelain and glass.
Doris M Ackilli Studio
Web Site of Doris Ackilli. The site has a gallery of Doris' artwork, information on commission work and the products offered from the site.
Elizabeth Helsing - Studio B
This is Elizabeth's web site. The site is in Swedish but you can still view some of her beautiful painted pieces and beaded jewelry.
Evelyn Piriano
Available for commissioned works and seminars since 1975 (all subjects). Web page pictures show examples of sinks, other porcelain and painting on furniture. Evelyn has worked in many media including oils, watercolors, glass painting with works worldwide. Educated with a university degree fine arts from McMaster University, Hamilton Ontario Canada. Resides in Hamilton , 30 miles south west of Toronto, 50 miles north west of Buffalo.
federica zana studio d'arte
Federica's Studio is located in Italy. Although her web site is in Italian, there are many of her lovely painted pieces displayed, for which no interpretation is needed.
Etsuko Hanajima's Flora Porcelain Studio
Etsuko's web site has pictures of her painted porcelain, as well as information about her and the seminars she offers. Etsuko accepts foreign students who cannot speak Japanese.
Gloria Knapp's Bordeaux Gallery
A Touch of France
Portraits and Collectibles on Porcelain by Gloria Bordeaux Knapp.  Gloria's web site offers you an online tour of her life.  If you've been to Louisiana, and loved it, you'll enjoy the sights Gloria has photographed just for you.  The web site displays Gloria's artwork.  In addtion to many hand painted porcelain pieces, Gloria's watercolor, oil paintings, silk paintings and Antique Lamps are shown.  Many of Gloria's studies are also available for sale from her web site.
Gordon Henry
Gordon is a U.K. based ceramic artist and widely travelled demonstrator who designs and sculptures his own figurines. He paints with a wide range of mediums including watercolour, oils and also enjoys the freedom of majolica decoration. His web site contains a collection of paintings by Gordon and his students.
This is the web site of Paddy Dugan. In addition to offering her viewers decorating solutions using her custom hand painted tiles and tile murals, she offers a video tape and template for artists interested in learning to paint tile murals.
Hazel Pretzer
A personal web page of Hazel's paintings
Helen Humes Studio of Porcelain Art
Helen's personal web page, displaying her Videos, Books, Paints and more
Hobby House Thailand
A place for those looking for a creative way to relax. The web site has information about the classes they offer and the seminars by internationally recognized porcelain painting teachers that they host a few times a year.
Irene's Teas
This is the website of Irene Nielsen. Irene paints in a variation of the European Painting Style and has a studio in Kansas, listed on the China Studios page of the Porcelain Painteres web site. Irene's Teas, etc. is sponsoring the Heartland Porcelain Art School. Information concerning the recent school dates can be found on this site on our China Painting Schools Page.
Jada's Designs
Jada Guinn is a porcelain artist and teacher. Her web site features hand painted fine porcelain gifts, sinks, tiles, miniature portraits, jewelry and hand painted glass lamps-slumped glass.
Jane Bowen web site
Jane's web site has information about her, photos of her paintings and information about seminars
Jane also has a web page on the PPIO web site: Jane's web page on PPIO
Janri Designs: Handmade Porcelain Jewellry and China Painting
From the studio of Australian porcelain artist, R. Janette Graham. Features Janette's china painting and unique handmade porcelain jewelry designed and painted by Janette.
Jariya Studio
This is the web site for Jariya Kiranantawat. Samples of her hand painted china, featuring flowers, birds and authentic Thai art. Jariya offers custom painted pieces as well as already created hand painted items for sale.
Jeanne Dix
Jeanne Dix  605 Porcelain Parkway.  Jeanne has pictures of her beautiful painted porcelain on her web page.
Karens China Cupboard
This is Karen Anderson's web site. She offers beautifully hand painted porcelain plates, coffee sets, pictchers, vases and much more.
Kelopak Gallery
The Malaysia based Kelopak Gallery, founded by Puan Hajjah Norehan Kassim (a PPIO member), is the place of celebration for porcelain paintings and handmade porcelain roses. Kelopak Gallery was established in early 2003 with the vision of enriching the lives of Malaysians and to promote the importance and value of the creative arts.
Kim McCool
This is Kim McCool's new web site. It has her schedule of classes and events, her store/shopping cart where you can purchase her special plaque or studies, a blog and numerous other features. You can sign up for her newsletter from the web site.
Lavender Passion Gallery
Brenda Matson is the Principal & Artist in Residence. From Australia, the Gallery features Fine Art, Lavender Products and Unique Ceramics
Linda Apte Design Studio
Display of Linda's Hand Painted Small Limoges Boxes
Linda Grice
This is the home page of Linda Grice's Agrico Farms and Prairie Rose Studio, combining Her Porcelain Painting Studio and Retreat and her business, Eagle Ridge Enterprises, providers of All-Natural Organic Grazed Beef. Linda's web site also has information about UMPAS the Annual Upper Midwest Porcelain Art School which she directs in southwest Wisconsin in June.
Lynn Al-Qahtani
Lynn is from Saudi Arabia. Her web site features not only her own beautiful paintings (Lynn specializes in Orientalist painting), but paintings by her students as well.
Marlene Seevers
This is Marlene Seevers' website. Marlene has a studio in her home where she teaches china painting and calligraphy. She also does consignment orders and she paints reproductions. If you have an old lamp that the top shade has been broken or lost Marlene can paint a new shade to match the bottom one. . Her studio is listed in the Nebraska section of the China Studios page on our Porcelain Painters International Online web site.
Marsha Hedrick
Marsha paints beautiful porcelain miniatures.  In 2002, she was awarded Fellow recognition by the International Guild of Miniature Artisans, their highest honor.  The site displays Marsha's reproductions, such as R.S. Prussia, Wedgwood, Imari and other oriental designs.  New and exciting pieces of jewelry art that honor the ancient indian artifacts.  She has a line of porcelain jewelry that utilizes many Native American icons such as the arrowhead and feathers.
Marsha Reaves Studio
This is Marsha Reave's web site. Although Marsha is still working on the web site, some of her painted pieces are on displayed on the web site, as well as other information about how to contact Marsha for seminars and purchases of her art.
Mary Gosden
Mary's newly revised web site has information about her seminars and classes, photos of her artwork in various media, a page featuring her students work, and other information.
Michael Lawrence Company
The site has many pictures of Porcelain art by Michael Lawrence, which is hand made in San Francisco. Pictured are vases, boxes, Christmas ornaments, candle holders and teapots, incorporating designs of exotic jungle animals: tigers, leopards, monkeys, elephants and giraffes. Included in the collection are whimsical dogs, cats, frogs, rabbits and pigs as well as angels and fairies. There are some really exquisite pieces displayed on this site.
Michael and Vicky Sullivan's Oh!Sullivan Studio
This is the new web site of Michael and his wife, Vicky. It features Michael's beautifully painted porcelain and tiles and Vicky's hand-made jewelry collection, hand painted tiles and unique porcelain sculpture. Michael also has web pages on the PPIO web site with information about his seminars, painting supplies, luster paints, books and studies. These pages are listed further down on this page under the section, "China Supplies, Equipment, Books and Seminars."
Monika's Designs
Monika's web site features her hand painted baby shoes, wedding plates and tiles and stained glass. These items are for sale from her web site.
This is Bonnie Crandall's web site. Bonnie does Lace Draped Dolls. In addition to information about this process, Bonnie has displays of her china painting and she has recently put up articles on painting bisque, painting glass and petite point. Bonnie does beautiful Lace Draped Dolls. She has pictures of many of her lovely dolls on the site. She is still adding new articles to the site, so check back often.
New American Beauty
This is Linda Tiller's web site. Linda is a Certified Porcelain Artist and Teacher with 30 Years Experience. Her web site has pictures of her art work and information about seminars offered by Linda.
The unusual designs on this site are the creation of Nicolas Tschanz.
Onalee's Studio
The web site of Onalee Crocker. The site has information about where Onalee teaches and pictures of some of her beautiful paintings.
Ornella Trabattoni
Ornella lives in Italy. Although her web site is in Italian, her art, displayed on the web site is a feast for the eyes. Ornella paints a large variety of art subjects on many different items, including glass. She does them all very well. Even if you cannot read Italian, you will enjoy this web site.
Paige Lukens-Gray
Currently, Paige's web page on the PPIO web site has information about the World Organization of China Painters
17th Biennial Convention and Show
Paschal Enterprises
Web site of Sharon Paschal, a clay artist. The site contains information on Paschal Enterprise's line of products, including beautiful Victorian styled Wall Pockets and Posey Pins.
Paul Lewing Custom Tile
Paul's web site features his unique tile murals and other tile applications, as well as his drawings, using water-soluble colored pencils on paper. The web site also has information about Paul's tile workshops, with a list of currently scheduled workshops.
Pentimento Art Studio
This is Jerri Cook Barton's web site. The site has Pictures of Jerri's beautiful painted porcelain as well as information about classes, seminars, retreats and supplies offered by Jerri.
The Pepper West Gals china/porcelain Shoppe and gallery
This is the web site for this shop and gallery, located in McGregor, Texas. They offer hand painted china, as well as blank china, china painting supplies and china painting classes.
Phildale Ceramic Art
This is Phil Worsdale's web site, featuring his hand painted English Fine Bone China.

Pintura em Porcelana
This is Gilda Pili's website. At the present time, the site is only in Portuguese, but Gilda says she plans to add an english section soon. You don't need to know Portuguese to enjoy the photos of Gilda's beautiful hand painted porcelain pieces that are displayed on the site.

Porcelain Art Studio
Marilyn Anderson's web site is:   She offers seminars and workshops and also has instructional manuals and studies.   The site also features an Art Gallery, displaying many pictures of Marilyn's beautiful paintings. Marilyn now has hand painted and antique china items for sale on the site.
Porcelain Art Works
This is Char Anderson's web site. Char is President of International Porcelain Artists and Teachers, Inc. (IPAT - 1999-2000) and an IPAT Certified Artist & Teacher and Master Artist & Teacher. Her site features information about her seminars, studies, videos and supplies. For those interested in Air Brush for the china painter, Char's web site has information, videos and supplies for Air Brushing techniques for the china painter.
The web site of Andre'a Simeral-Boyer. The web site features a gallery of Andre'a's paintings, information about Andre'a and her interests and the art of china painting. Andre'a is teacher of china painting and is available for traveling seminars.

Porcelain Artistry
This is the web site of Estela Mora Tejidor. It displays her gorgeous porcelain figurines.

Porcelain gallery
This is Maud Wågander's web site. Maud is an artist living in Sweden, where she teaches porcelain painting. Her web site displays many of her beautiful paintings on porcelain. The web site has information for contacting Maud for those interested in taking her classes.
Porcelain Painting with May
This is the web site of May Cheong-sahgal. May's web site features a slide-show of her beautiful painted pieces. Her work is versatile and displays her talent for working in diverse techniques. Her web site also displays the work of her students and has information about the classes she conducts in her home studio in Hong Kong. May will begin teaching classes for kids soon. The web site has an "inquiries" form for those interested in learning more about this.
This is the Armelle du Mas de Paysac web site. Armelle works exclusively in Limoge porcelain and is available for commissioned work.
Porzellanmalen - Karin Finck
This is Karin Finck's personal web site. Karin is a PPIO member who lives in Germany. The site features her beautiful painted china pieces.
Prairie Rose Studio
This is Linda Grice's web site. In addition to information about her studio, the site has links to a "Beef" page (with pictures of her farm and the grazed beef they sell) and a page for the Upper Midwest Porcelain Art School (UMPAS) which Linda' manages.
Raccoon Ridge Studio
This is Judi Pulaski's Web Site. She has tips on china painting, acrylic painting and oil painting. There is information about her classes and a schedule of upcoming events which might be of interest to china painters and other artists, or anyone else, for that matter. She lists some upcoming conventions, seminars and shows. There is information regarding several of the china painting clubs in her area (Wisconsin). There are displays of Judi's art work (in oil, acrylic and china painting -- as Judi says, she paints on almost "anything that doesn't move"). She also has displayed the art of her students.
The web site has information about the Rigoulene internship's adventure, a Porcelain Painting week-long experience in Limoge, France.
Rose Seivert
Rose's web page on PPIO shows Rose's Custom ceramic tile paintings featuring a display of her painted sinks, tile wall and floor paintings and even a painting on tile lined swimming pool. For Rose's Rosebud Chinapaint products, see the link to her own web site below in the "China Supplies, Equipment, Books and Seminars" section on this page.
Porcelain of Patagonia. Ricardo Furlan and Silvana Nigro have dedicated themselves to the artistic porcelain production and decoration in Patagonia. Ricardo makes porcelain`s barbotine and glaze by hand, beginning with the kaolin originary from the region. He also makes his own molds, with which he developed his pieces. Silvana does the artistic painting and decoration of the porcelain using different styles and techniques to recreate traditional designs and also others refering to Patagonia. The site has an English translation section and exhibits the many varied shapes and designs of these original works of art in porcelain.
Silvia Morelli's Web Site
Some nice porcelain paintings on this site.
Stanton Graphics
This site features the art work of Elizabeth Sharp. Elizabeth lives in rural Lincolnshire, England. She works mostly on commission for clients from all over the world; usually in Acrylics and Oils, and occasionally pastels, and she also produces sculptures, and works on Bone China and Porcelain. Elizabeth is currently the editor of the Ceramic Artist International magazine.
Sylder Studio
This is Sylvia Thomson's website. Her studio is situated in Western Canada and operated by Sylvia and her husband, Derek Thomson . She is a teacher and supplier of china products to many in Western Canada. Her web site displays some of her beautiful china paintings.
Syra Hansen - Painted Limoges Boxes
Display of Syra's Hand Painted Limoges Boxes
Syra Hansen Other Subjects
This page displays Syra's Hand Painted Portraits, flowers and other subjects

This is Morena Biavaschi's web site.  Although the web site is in Italian, many of Morena's beautiful hand painted porcelain is displayed on the site.  So it is worth visiting, just to see the beautiful porcelain that Morena has painted.

Ursula Gilewski
This is Ursula's web site. Ursula is from Germany. Many of her beautiful paintings are displayed on her web site.
Usha Arts
This is the web site of Usha Nagubadi. Although originally from India, Usha is a US Citizen now residing in Auburn, Alabama. Her web site displays her beautiful oil paintings, portraits, porcelain portraits, Tanjore Paintings and Pottery. Usha's compositions, and paintings reflect inspiration from nature, beauty, life & Great Masters such as William Bouguereau, Rembrandt & Michelangelo.
Vicky York
Vicky's web site has information about her classes, studies, brushes, a gallery of her beautiful paintings and more.
Wild Plum Gallery
This is the web site of Scot Mauldin, an imaginative designer and sculptor who is driven by an incredible passion for self-expression through porcelain art. Noted for unique style, elegance, and technique, Scot has developed an innovative style that blends traditional, time honored porcelain techniques with 21st century technology.
China Supplies, Equipment, Books and Seminars

Andreas Knobl Shop and Gallery
The web site offers Andreas' colors, brushes, mediums, books, white porcelain and information about seminars and a gallery of Andreas' art work. Besides the initial display of the web site in German, versions in French, Italian and English are available by clicking the appropriate flag.

Ann Cline Studio, Inc.
This is Ann Cline's new web site. Ann Cline Studio has everything for the china painter: Books, studies, a large selection of white china, china paints, oils and mediums, brushes, palettes and a mirad of other china painting supplies. You can order your new kiln from the variety of both Aim and Cress kilns offered on the site. Also featured are the PRW Pen and the new gold pen from Germany. Check out the site for new items not in Ann Cline Studio's current catalog. The site also features several Close-Out items in limited supply.
Backacher Books
Books for the porcelain painter. The web site features over 100 books, related to porcelain painting and other art, offered by Backacher Books.
Barbara Jensen's Web Site
Barbara's website features her porcelain art, art supplies, books and merchandise.
Becky Syroka Portraits on Porcelain
Specializing in Becky's favorite unique supplies for the portrait artist.  Also a distributor for Jane Marcks portrait paints, Cherryl Meggs Pink Glaze, and Marci's Orange Brush Cleaner.  Secure checkout with Paypal or credit card.  Seminar information and Galleries.
Bisque Barn
This web site offers a variety of bisque porcelain objects for sale
Celee Evans Porcelain
Celee's web site offers the visitor the capabiltiy of purchasing her paints, studies, brushes, videos & books online. The site will soon offer more of Celee's painting products, schedules of her seminars, monthly specials and custom and commission pieces.
The latest digital technology in Ceramic & Art.Photo Porcelains, ceramic plates , Custom Tiles & DECALS

The Cridge Porcelain Studio
The site features Cridge's many jewelry inserts, jewelry findings, ornaments, etc. Cridge Porcelain is made in the USA and availble in bisque and glazed. Online ordering is available on the web site.
Dallas China
Formerly Mr. & Mrs. of Dallas. The company has changed their name to Dallas China. This is their new web site. They offer a wide assortment of items and equipment (including kilns) for the china painter
E & B Artistic Porcelain and Supplies
This company is located in McLean, Virginia, and is owned by Evelise Neto and Beatriz Estupiñan. They specialize in importing white and hand painted porcelain from Mario Duarte, a well known artist from Portugal, and other artists. They have beautiful European antique reproductions in porcelain.
Gene Patterson
Gene's web page contains information about the new book, "A Book for The Curious Painter", which he and Ricki Wiersema co-authored. The book can be ordered online from Gene's web page.
Gladys Galloway
China Painting Books, over 50 Studies, Videos, Limited Edition Lithographs
Gloria Ann McCarthy
This is Gloria's domain web site, featuring all of her wonderful products.
Great China Products:
This web site offers a wide range of household products, including painted porcelain items.
Handwerker Porcelain
Distributor of Helen Humes products, Willoughby paints, Scharff brushes, etc.
Held of Harrogate
Held of Harrogate began life as part of the, family owned and run, Harrogate Arts and Handicrafts Centre, founded in 1953 by Edwin and Nancy Balmforth. China painting supplies were first introduced when the Balmforth's son Chris - who now runs the company - returned from Germany in 1973 to join the family business. They deal in high quality supplies at extremely competitive prices. They are in the United Kingdom conducting mail order business from their home, a converted village school on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales. They supply customers all over the world.
Hemmi Porcelain Studio
This site features the HPS catalog and information about the various products offered by Hemmi. HPS offers several types of specialty "paper" for the Alps printers, decal film and vinyl sheets -- Specially made for Dye Sublimation and Thermal Wax color printers like ALPS printers, Citizen, NEC and Mitsubishi. Some of this media can also be used in late model personal office copiers and laser printers. The studio also has a product called Decal solution, which is used to coat your print-out so that you can create your own decals. Hemmi also offers custom-made decals.
Hulda's Studio
Studies, Banding wheel, and a large variety of china painting books
Jane Bowen Studio
Featuring "Controlled Stroke Technique" Seminars and Seminars on fruits, vegetables, insects, flowers and landscapes
Jayne Houston Products
The site features a Catalog with pages of Jayne Houston products and supplies: Overglaze paints (incl. portrait paints), matte paints, brushes, gold and lusters, Reusche Stain Glass paints and more.
Jean Beebe Originals
Structure paste & specialized texture products, fireable jewels, original studies, lessons, tapes
and now includes unique porcelain tapestry shapes
Jo Linda Smith
Josephine Porcelain
This is the web site of the Josephine Porcelain Online Store. Josephine Porcelain is located in Australia.
K&E Crafts
K&E Crafts designs household items made from Oak wood and Ceramics. K&E Crafts designs items for sale at Craft shows and supplies products in support of Porcelain artists interested in displaying their art within quality Wood backgrounds. Their site features a selection of tables, trays and other home accent items
Karla Pendleton
This is Karla's new web site, featuring her overglaze colors, mediums, brushes, books, studies and other china painting supplies.

Kathy Peterson's "the good stuff":
This is the web site for Kathy Peterson's "the good stuff" studio. Kathy sells only first quality Limoges and German china. The site features information and pictures of the fine china, brushes, books and other supplies carried by the studio. In addition, there are pages with china painting tips, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and information about Kathy's seminars.

KATHY PETERSON'S "the good stuff" just announced their new ON-LINE STORE: store at Just click on the BUY button and the item automatically goes to theshopping cart. You choose the method of shipping and the total charges are totalled and shown right there for you. They use a totally SECURE SITE for all credit card purchases.

Kay Knapp
The site offers china painting supplies, online shopping, Kay's seminar schedule and Tips for Kay Knapp.
Lena's Art Supplies: Kolinsky Sable and Siberian Squirrel Art Brushes - The Finest Watercolor, Acrylics, and Oil Paint Brushes from Kolonok, Inc.
linda alexander, Porcelain Art Instructor
Specializing in Dresden, daisies, pansies, enamel work and borders.   linda is available for seminars.

M.L. création porcelaine. Create your own porcelain jewelry with unique hand crafted jewels, in porcelain glazed in white satin, created by Micheline Lecerf.
Marci Blattenberger
Marci's web site features her porcelain and other media paintings as well as information about the unique products she offers for porcelain painters. Information about the range of seminars Marci offers is also on her web site.
Maria Kelly's Earth and Fire
Handcrafted 14kt Gold Wire Settings for your hand painted porcelain, Wire Wrapping Video and Supplies for Wire Wrapping

Maryland China is a wholesale supplier. In addition to undecorated china, they offer china painting supplies, studies, books, kilns, custom decorating services and decorated giftware.

Michael Sullivan - Catalog Page
Specializing in Luster paints and supplies, Ornaments, Orginal Handi-Handle, Michael's Luster Book, Seminars
Michael Sullivan's Oh!Sullivan Art Studio
Display and sale of the art work by Michael and his wife, Vicky.
Paints & Porcelain
Paints & Porcelain offers water soluble enamel and the tools to apply it to your china. Willoughby's enamels, china paints, glass paints and matt paints are also available.
Pearl Nickerson's "Oyster House Studio"
Porcelain on steel Plaks, hardwood oak boxes

Rosebud Paints
This is Rose Seivert's web site. It features examples of her Wall Murals, Custom Tile Painting,
Decorative Glass & Silkscreening, Custom PaintedSinks & Toilets. Rosebud's "Perfection Paints" are also available for sale on her web site.

Rosemary & Co
Quality Artists Brushes. Offers a comprehensive range of brushes for all mediums. Choose from Kolinsky Sable, Pure Red Sable, Chungking Bristle, Nylon ,Goat Hair, Mongoose, Badger etc etc. Besides brushes for individual purchase, Rosemary & Co offers gift sets.

Ruth Little Studio
This is Ruth Little's Books and Video page on the PPIO web site.
Unfortunately, Ruth Little passed away on Tuesday, September 2, 1997. She was ninety years old. At present, her web page on PPIO and her website are still operating. They feature her books and studies. Her passing was a great loss to the china painting field and to us all. Ruth Little's web site is

Association of Restorers Online Site
This web site represents the Restoration Industry for the restoration of porcelain. There is a mirad of information about porcelain restoration on the site and details about their upcoming Convention in San Jose, California on July 3rd, 4th and 5th of 2000.
Australasian Porcelain Art Teachers (NSW) Inc.
This organization, based in Australia, is dedicated to furthering the art of on-glaze painting, or as it is more simply known...porcelain painting. The site has information on teachers and upcoming exhibitions of the organization as well as a page displaying art of their members and a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.
California Association of Porcelain Artists (CAPA)
This is CAPA's new web site. It has a wealth of information about this china painting organization and it's chapter clubs.
China Painting Artists of Maryland (CPAM)
This site, hosted by the China Painting Artists of Maryland, has a gallery displaying a variety of the beautiful art work of its members.   It also has information about this organization.
Hong Kong Porcelain Painting Club
The Hong Kong Porcelain Painting Club (HKPPC) was founded on 6th October 1999 by Rosemary Oh in cooperation with her students. It is a non-profit making Club, dedicated to the appreciation and enrichment of the art of painting on porcelain, while, at the same time, for raising funds for worthwhile charities. The web site has a lot of information about events, exhibitions, workshops and a gallery displaying the beautiful paintings by members.

Indiana WOCP
This is the website for the Indiana WOCP organization.

International Porcelain Artists and Teachers, Inc. (IPAT)
This is the web site for the IPAT, Inc. organization.
The site has information about the IPAT museum, Officers, Conventions, Membership contests, and IPAT's Certification program. Also available on the pages of the site are an application form for the IPAT Certification program, a Membership application form and the Porcelain Artist magazine subscription form.

Oil Capital China Painters
Tulsa's Oil Capital China Painters was organized in January, 1981. Their Chapter is a member of the World Organization of China Painters. Their web site has information about their meetings, events and photos of the members and their art.
Porcelain Art Club of Houston
The site has information about the club, activities, meeting dates and a schedule of meeting demonstrations.
Quebec Porcelain Painters
This site was created to exhibit Quebec’s art on porcelain and to invite you to the May 2008 Convention in Montreal.
State Federation of Porcelain Art Clubs of Texas
The website has information about the porcelain art clubs in Texas with pictures of members work and upcoming shows and events.
Ventura County Potters Guild (VCPG)
The Ventura County Potters Guild was founded in 1957. It is a not-for-profit organization formed to promote the art and craft of ceramics in the community and to provide a forum for local potters to share their experiences and knowledge of clay.
West Australian Guild of China Painters (Inc.)
The West Australian Guild of China Painters (Inc) was established in 1964 and meets every six weeks or so. Located in Perth, Australia, the Guild has had guest speakers from a variety of fields, product demonstrations, workshops and social events. The new website is an exciting development. They hope to provide information to potential new members and to join the international porcelain art community. They welcome contacts from overseas artists.

World Organization of China Painting (WOCP)
This website displays information about the history and purpose of this organization, with a schedule of their shows and conventions.
WOCP teachers and dealers are listed on separate pages on the site.
In addition to the information about the World Organization of China Painters 17th Biennial Convention and Show (July 2009), on the WOCP web site, Paige Lukens-Gray's web page, on the PPIO web site, currently has information about this convention.


The China Painting List is a free directory of online china painting resources, compiled by Janette Graham. It is the most comprehensive listing of china and porcelain painting websites on the net.
The Chinapainting Mall
This site has information related to china painting (artists, teachers, organizations, publications, conventions, schools, seminars, studios, etc.). They publish a monthly mall newsletter, offer auctions and a shopping mall.
Clay Art Web Guide
Your gateway for ceramic and pottery information on the Web.

Clayzee - Worldwide ceramics and pottery listings of sites ranging from functional pottery, ceramic art, industrial ceramics to manufacturers, suppliers, classes and educational institutions. Complete resource for all areas of ceramics field.
Craft Directory - Arts & Crafts Search Engine and Directory
British Porcelain Artist Magazine web site
This is the website of the British Porcelain Artist Magazine, offices located at Westfield House, in West Yorks, England.

The China Decorator Magazine Web Site
This is the Home Page for the new web site of The China Decorator Magazine.  They have recently come on-line.

Porcelain Plus
A Finnish Magazine, printed in Finnish/English/Swedish simultaneously.

This is the web site of The Artistic Circle of Porcelain Painters, presenting PORCELAINE PORZELLAN PORCELLANA The exclusive Swiss magazine about Porcelain and glass painting Printed in French and German. translated in English, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese
Kiln Companies
Cress Manufacturing
Online site for Cress Kilns
Evenheat Kiln Inc.
This is the Evenheat Kiln web site. In addition to information and dealer locations for their standard kilns for porcelain, pottery and hot glass, the site has information about Evenheat's Knife Kilns, kiln furniture, software and other accessories.

The Kiln Doctor at All Fired Up!
For new kilns and used kilns for ceramic, pottery, glass fusing, porcelain dolls, jewelry enameling and knife making. Potter's Wheels and more! Distributors for Paragon and Olympic Kilns. They are repair and sales representatives of Euclid Kilns of Canada and have parts for most all brands of kilns.
They also service nearly all brands of electric ceramic kilns on-site (limited service area: all of North and South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Eastern Tennessee and Eastern Kentucky).

The Kiln Elements Company
Stan Horton's site offers online sales of Skutt and Amaco Excel elements and he can produce any other kind of element out of 13, 14, 15 or 16 gage wire with specs from the customer. The site also has many kiln tips and hints.
This is the web site of Paragon Industries, Inc. Manufacturers or Paragon Kilns
Skutt Ceramic Products
Web site for Skutt Kilns and other ceramic products
Related Web Sites
Still Life and Portrait Paintings in Flemish painting technique, learn how to paint in classical oil painting technique on line
Agora Gallery, SOHO, New York
Contemporary fine art gallery located in Soho , New York City. Art consulting services to private and corporate collectors. Exhibitions of paintings , sculpture and photography. Artist portfolios are reviewed.
Canadian Museum of Civilization Corporation, CMCC
This site represents the CMCC, the Canadian Museum of Civilization Corporation, composed of the Canadian Museum of Civilization and the Canadian War Museum. This is an extensive site with information and museum exhibits. It has an index for navigation of the site. There is a page about Chinapainting history in Canada, which may be of special interest to china painters.
The site also has pages related to the following:
Nineteenth-Century Pottery and Porcelain in Canada
The ceramics section of the Treasures Gallery
The Food Service Equipment section of the Virtual Collections Storage, which includes some painted ceramic items.
Timeless Treasures: The Story of Dolls in Canada
or you can Search the Online Collections Database
These are just a few of the many pages on this informative website.
Zsombrak Art Gallery - Contemporary Online Art Gallery where drawings and oil paintings can be viewed and purchased.
Zsombrak Contemporary Art Gallery brings you the best of fine art through their online art gallery, with internationally known Central and Eastern European artists and their artwork, like oil paintings, glass art, drawings, artwork, sculpture.
David Brougham's Treeline Studio
Canadian Watercolour Artist - David Brougham is an award winning Canadian artist who works primarily in Watercolours. David is one of three Canadian artists who have been chosen to represent Canada at the prestigious Biennale Internazionale Dell'Arte Contemporanea in Florence.
Denby China Find uk
The china matching service for Denby pottery and Denby china.  Over 100 discontinued patterns of Denby tableware.
Oil Paintings Wholesale From China Oil Painting
All our products are genuine hand-painted oil paintings on canvas. We offer oil painting reproduction masterpieces of all categories.

Original Art School Online
This is Roger Elliott's Original Art School on Line web site. One of only a handful of totally FREE art classes on the world wide web! Roger Elliott has been involved with art for 31 years both as a working professional and a teacher. His online lessons involve the art of oil painting and general Fine Art techniques. This is a really wonderful, generous web site with a wealth of painting lessons.

Roger's new project is an online Art Magazine that features articles by all kinds of artists on all kinds of topics. Porcelain Painters Online has been invited to do a regular column in the magazine. This is very exciting, since it gives us a chance to show other artists what we china painters do and to maybe interest them enough to try it. Marci has written the first article from us for the magazine.

The web site has a course that teaches artists how to market and sell their artwork. There is absolutely no fee for the course and it is offered to all artists in all medias. The course is done in a six part multi-media format delivered entirely on the web.

Porcelain, Restoration and Repair
Helen Warren offers expert porcelain and pottery repairs and restoration.

Wet Canvas - Cyber Living for Artists
Contains a wealth of information concerning various art media. Featuring ArtSchool Online, a Virtual Museum, Critique Center, Reference Image Library, Auctions, Competitions, Exhibitions, Workshops, links to related art sites, shopping online and more.

Other Reciprocal Links

BodyTemple Boot Camp
Betty manages this web site for KiebaDawn, Life Coach, Kieba, runs this fitness camp in the tropical jungle on the Big Island of Hawaii. Participants experience a different kind of boot camp. Kieba will motivate and train you in her Jungle Fitness Factory and lead you on amazing island adventures. You are nourished with whole foods direct from mother earth. She teaches you customized culinary skills to maintain the "New You". Organic island foods are used whenever possible.

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